Human Insight - Automated Trading



Automatically calculates LOT size. Set your Risk once and forget about time consuming and error prone lot calculations.

AutoSL & AutoTP

Increased safety with automatic SL and TP levels. Open your trades on mobile or desktop, and AutoTrade will set any missing SL or TP .

AutoBE & AutoTrail

Automatically protects your entry and ensure profit via Trailing Stop (coming soon). Our Trailing Stop algorithm surpasses most sliding window algorithms for greater protection against pullbacks.

And more...

Automated notifications on your trades and unlimited Price Alarms for Mobile / Email / PC. Client side visual LIMIT operations. Easily configurable settings from the UI.


Semi-automatic Trading BOT . Visually set your trading zones and let AutoTrade do the rest. Our proprietary algorithm will detect a trend reversal near your zones and automatically place the trade for you. The bot will automatically set your desired TP, SL and BE protection.


Transform your trading with the "Evolution Indicator" - your key to comprehensive market analysis in just minutes. This day trading indicator leverages historical and current data to pinpoint potential market reversal zones. It offers real-time analysis and draws buy and sell zones, taking the complexity out of your trading decisions. Its efficacy is backed by our testing, which shows a monthly Risk-Reward ratio of 1:25 . With Evolution, simplifying market analysis has never been easier.